Resources in Anthrozoology – the Study of Human-Animal Interactions
International Society for Anthrozoology
Animals and Society Institute
American Sociological Association – Section on Animals and Society
International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations
Michigan State University’s Bibliography of Human-Animal Studies Research

Society and Animals
Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture
Humanimalia: A Journal of Human/Animal Interface Studies

Organizations In The Book
Zoe Nature
Humane Research Council
Best Friends Animal Society
Full Moon Farms

South Carolina Marine Turtle Conservation Program
United Poultry Concerns
Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
Learning Through Loggerheads
Vegetarian Resource Group

Some of the People In The Book
Alan Beck
Nancy Brown
Arnold Arluke
James Serpell
Sam Gosling
Jonathan Haidt
Paul Rozin
Leslie Irvine
Marc Bekoff
Jonathan Balcombe
Pastor Jimmy Morrow

Karen Davis
Erika Friedmann

Michael Mountain
Lori Marino
Brian Hare
Clive Wynne

Andrew Rowan
Peter Singer
Ali G (he is not really in the book but he does have an interesting perspective on the moral status of animals)